Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google Now Gives Better Than The Best !

As tips-from-googles-speaker/">Google is going beyond the peak, no one can touch it. Now it has announced a new facility that Google Universal Search presents a mixed content in how-to-send-sms-via-gmail/">search results. If you search anything in Google, you will find a couple of youtube-ads-are-measured-by-google-with-brain-waves/">YouYube clips, some important news headlines and sometimes book snippets on the same result page. youtube-playlist-is-back/">More about YouTube

The main reason for giving results like this is orkut-main-killer-makes-orkut-fast-to-load/">Google users should search inside it to find the related information on the same topic and need not to visit other search properties like News how-to-import-your-gmail-contacts-into-outlook-2007/">Search Videos etc.
Here we have screened a search result for Matt Foley in Google with 70% of video content in search results. [ Thank You ]