Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Copy Selected Text From A Webpage Together With Its Metadata ?

As the days go by people feel message-box-toy-lets-you-create-fake-windows-error-message/">difficult to copy even the text from a webpage because it takes much time to copy the text, some-usefult-tips-for-windows-vista/">URL source, quote etc. To make them easy how-to-make-system-faster-no-need-to-add-ram/">Mozilla add-on is available which copies selected texts to the clipboard together with the relevant metadata you are asking for. customize-your-firefox-browser-as-you-like-with-fashion-your-firefox/">How to customize your Firefox browser ?

You can have this free application here. After completing the installation just you can how-to-recover-the-deleted-images-from-digital-camera/">highlight and select the relevant texts from a webpage, right click to select copy viagoogle-chrome-theme-in-firefox-chromifox/"> QuoteURL Text or use the shortcut keys by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C (Win) or Command+Shift+C (Mac). [ ">More ]