Saturday, November 8, 2008

How To Create Custom Views For Vista Error Logs ?

Always it is very difficult to find the errors in Windows and to understand. In upcoming-features-of-windows-7-windows-leakes-screenshots/">Windows Vista there are so many error types and error logs which give the users a lot of confusion. But we can create a custom view to the error logs and we can easily come out of them.

To create the custom view, follow the following steps.
•Click on the My Computer
•Go to the Manage
•Under the screen pops up go for System Tools then Event Viewer. This is the place where Windows stores all types of error-haldll-an-important-message-to-be-noticed/">errors. Now view the right hand side and you would see the actions.

Vista Event Viewer :

This is the place where you can create the custom views and you can choose to create it either by event logs or sources. This will be a very useful to those who work with Windows applications. how-to-hide-the-start-tab-in-taskbar/">Tips for Windows

Vista Action Event Viewer :


Error Logs By Event Source :

Error Logs By Event Log :

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