Monday, November 24, 2008

How To Know The eMail Adress Of Your Orkut Friend ?

If you want to know the email ID’s of any how-to-send-scrap-automatically-in-orkut/">Orkut member you can use Hack. It will show the email ID’s of all Orkut members.
Following are the simple steps to know the eMail address of your friend
•Just navigate to the profile page of the member you want to know the how-to-integrate-multiple-themes-in-one-theme-in-orkut/">eMail addresses.
•Add that solution-for-the-error-orkut-is-banned/">contact as a friend.
•Now navigate to the contact page of your friend. orkut-main-killer-makes-orkut-fast-to-load/">How to make Orkut to load fast ?

•In the right side you will find an option to export the contacts.
•In that choose how-to-disable-the-orkut-themes-in-greasemonkey/">Export Contact Option.
•Then fill in the Word Verification on the Next Page.
•You will be prompted to download the important-gmail-tips-to-become-stuff/">contacts.csv file.
•After completing the download open it in Microsoft Excel or in any other compatible software.
•In the Ehow-to-send-sms-via-gmail/">xcel file you will find the all email addresses including those who received your friend request.
•This is the smart enough to find the email address of your friend. [ Thank You ]