Monday, November 3, 2008

How To Send Scrap Automatically In Orkut ?

Although there are so many features in Orkut yet this is a new one to your sight. There is a tool available for a special function and the name of the tool is “Auto Orkut Birthday Scrap Sender”. Moreover you can understand the facility of this tool by its name itself. Yes, you are correct you can send the scraps to your beloved one automatically.

In order to use this facility you must register your account and once you complete registration the tool will automatically decide to send the scrap message from your profile to the your friend who should be a member of Orkut. The message will be sent on 00:00 hours.
How to Register?

•Go to the Auto Orkut Birthday Scrap Sender register page and get registered.
•Registering is easy with following the simple instructions on its next page.
•This is the smart enough to send the scraps.
•Moreover you can quit this service whenever you want.

There should be no hesitations to register because registered email IDs and Passwords will be kept safe. It will be deleted once you close this service. Click here to know more about Privacy Policy.

Click here to REGISTER

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