Saturday, November 8, 2008

How To Sync Our Yahoo Messenger And Twitter Updates ?

If you are using Twitter then this will be good news for you. This plug-in will sync the status messages which we create them in Messenger with the updates. This plug-in has been developed by a New Zealand based development team at WackB. We can change our status in yahoo-web-analytics-will-overcome-google/">Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 and also update in our Twitter account. This plug in will consider what we have written in Twitter as Yahoo! Messenger status.
Once we install this plug in we will be informed about our Twitter friends are up to date. yahoo-again-proofs-its-efficiency-inquisitor-gives-enhanced-browser-search/">Know More About Yahoo!

We will receive the notification in Messenger every time if any our Twitter friend changes their status. So it is easy to install this plug in yahoo-again-proofs-its-efficiency-inquisitor-gives-enhanced-browser-search/">Yahoo! Messenger instead of visiting Twitter or to run a separate application to receive the updates.
The control panel in this plug-in provides so many handy features. You can set how often you want Messenger to check for the updates from your Twitter friends. Moreover we can control the Twitter to send the notification to our friends as we like.

Click here to INSTALL the Plug-In

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