Thursday, November 6, 2008

How To Transfer Images From One Service To Another ?

Flickr, Picasa Web, SmugMug and Zoomr these are the names and can be used to store and share the cool photos as you know. But it is very difficult to you to transfer the images from one photo service to another one. You can download photos on your local computer and upload them again to different photo service.  But it will take a lot of time to complete this work. You can do this process easy by using a free utility called “convert-images-to-ico-by-toycon-just-drag-and-drop-is-smart-enough/">Migrator”.

This tool can be used in different photo services once you installed it. Even more you can transfer of metadata like: titles, tags, descriptions and album structure. This tool supports 23HQ, Aol Pictures (Import Only - now closing),, Flickr, Menalto Gallery (Self-Hosted), Picasa Web, Phanfare, SmugMug, Zenfolio and Zooomr.

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