Saturday, November 22, 2008

Important Gmail Tips To Become Stuff !

Tip : 1
There are so many hidden tips-from-googles-speaker/">features in Gmail which we don’t know. Whenever you give your mail ID to someone you can suffix “+Groupname” after your ID for an example you can give “” instead of giving “orkut-main-killer-makes-orkut-fast-to-load/">” or you can give like “” to your family members. It allows you to quick access which is like adding an extra tag for quick search. how-to-send-sms-via-gmail/">Know more TIPS

Tip : 2
Whenever you want to send any mail from you Gmail account to another Gmail account you can type only name and skip “how-to-receive-mail-alerts-in-gmail-account/">” but it still sends mail to the exact recipient.
Tip : 3
You can feel your Gmail account like an office application because Gmail offers a lot shortcuts to facilitate you. Know all shortcuts.

Tip : 4
Most of the Gmail users are using the “.” enhanced-security-option-for-vista-from-nortan-uac-tool/">Dot in their mail ID but really it is a useless thing. Instead of giving “” you can give “” at the same time the ID part is not a case sensitive you can type as you like. Example “”
usb-3-in-1-multifunctional-speaker/">Search Tips :
Moreover you can find the sent mails by entering the before date and after date (‘after:year/month/date’ , ‘before:year/month/date).
You can use the OR option like “From:XYZ OR From:ABCD” here ABCD and XYZ are the senders and you can use them with “TO” like “To:XYZ OR To:ABCD”. It will display the all messages which you have sent and which you received.
Here “-“Hyphen is used to exclude some words like “Google-Orkut”. You can receive the results which have the word Google and it excludes Orkut.
”Filename:” option can be used to search the mails. You can enter “Filename:XYZ.doc” and get the result which gives all the mails which contain the XYZ.doc as their attachment.
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