Saturday, November 1, 2008

iPhones Now Have FastMac iV to Charge Multiple Devices !

FastMac iV has been unveiled by FastMac and it has come out with a charger and extended battery. The battery can be used for the iPhone and also adds a built-in flash and can charge USB devices at the same time. We can have more advantages from iV that are talk time goes to 24 hours and stand by changes to 31 days. Even more we can have over 20 hours of video and 70 hours of audio playback. The power of the battery is 3100mAh and we can charge the phone at the same time.

The new chargers feature us a USB port for charging another USB device we can charge the iPhone and a USB device simultaneously. The important thing of the flash is we can use it in emergency and it flashes for the iPhone camera. Even more it brings a pair of speakers for amplifying the output. The charger of the phone is fit in a soft touch non-slip case that can be easily fit to a Universal Dock and iPhone dock. It has come out with some compatibility to fit with all models of iPhone and iPod touch. It is available only in USA and the price of the device is $80.

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