Tuesday, November 11, 2008

iRiver Is The Rival For iPhone !

In a press release from Korea says that t-mobile-gets-moto-zine-zn5-camera-phone/">iRiver will be the rival of iPhone because it has the same facilities as iPhone in the market. Behind the rival of iPhone there are Reigncom and iRiver. iRiver will feature obviously a touchscreen, WiFi, a dictionary, PMP (trutap-is-for-all-your-mobile-needs/">Video and Audio), handwriting recognition software as well as being able to access to an iTunes music store like the “Bug Music Service”. wireless-mobile-chargers-multi-user-technology/">Know about Wireless Charger

Unfortunately we have to still wait for sometime and the samsung-yepp-p2-dmp-portable-media-player/">price of the mobile is not yet announced.

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