Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moving Clock Shows You The Exact Time - No Need Look At It !

We are having a lot of models of alarms and clocks but we can’t say that all of them are working precious. As followed by them a designer Mac Funamizu has designed a new model clock called “equinox-gives-you-the-luxurious-look-with-style/">Touch ‘n’ Know The Time”.
The basic concept of this clock is simple. In order to know the exact time just touch the clock and know the positions of triangles on the clock. casio-g-shock-gold-watches/">Click here to know Wrist Watches.

If they are far apart then there is lot of time to awake, but if they will be closer you have to get out of the bed pretty soon. The concept of this clock is inspired by the alien bomb count-down in the movie “Iequinox-gives-you-the-luxurious-look-with-style/">ndependence Day”.



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