Thursday, November 6, 2008

Musicians Can Interact With Another One Around The World With Opus !

This is a time to the musicians to celebrate because now we are having a new model wireless multi-track recording device. The name of this device is “Opus” especially made for the musicians. With this device users can compose, record and produce the musical material spontaneously. The major thing about this device is one musician can interact with another around the world in a virtual live setting through the internet based community.logitech-wireless-guitar-controller-takes-on-starpex/"> Come here and know other Musical Devices.

As it is in the size of an iPod users can take this with its stand along with them wherever they go. Recording up to three tracks at one time has become very easy with this device so that it will be very useful in Live Audition and Rehearsal Studios. Andrew Michael Au is the designer of this concept and he is the person to make the musician feel free.

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