Saturday, November 22, 2008

Net Video Hunter - Play Video While Downloading From YouTube !

NetVideoHunter is a how-to-resize-the-pictures-with-batch-tools/">freeware which operates through a tiny icon and counter that appears in our status bar. You can view the videos when you click on the 30-improvements-added-to-billings-303-software/">icon. You will have a step-by-step guide to work clearly in the process. For example if you are watching a advanced-youtube-search-options/">YouTube video it will add to the counter and you click on the NetVideoHunter’s tiny icon to know the video"> Click here for Windows Tips

There you can have vector-based-animation-software-toon-boom-animate/">two choices, to play the video or download the video. You can play the video while download saves the FLV to your local disk. This video can be played quickly from the queue and click-and-clean-freeware-sweeps-your-history-free-download/">play/save worked without any issues. click to DOWNLOAD

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