Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Type iPod With Speakers From Maxell !

In the year 2006 Maxell Japan has released its MXSP-1000, a cradle speaker for all models from Apple’s DAP. Now Maxell has decided to unveil its new MXSP with the MXSP-1100. Actually this is an iPod with built-in speakers. It has come out of full compatibility of all iPods(Universal Cradle) and two 4 watts speakers. Moreover it is a refreshed design with an output of 2 x 4.2W.

It is supposed to work with the frequencies of o80Hz to 20 kHz. The size of this device is 425 x 75 x 61 mm and the weight is 630g. Unfortunately this will be available only in Japan from 25th of this month.

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