Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Updates In Windows Live Messenger 2009 !

As the Windows Live Messenger is announced it will be having some latest updates for Microsoft Live Products and there is a major change in the looks. Here we have given some important features of outlook-connector-comes-for-live-accounts-with-new-updates/">Windows Live Messenger.

All the Windows Live Messenger icons have been changed with new style and glossy icons with a smart look.
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New Set Icons :

microsoft-introduces-vx5000-vx500-life-cams/">More Configurable Lay Out :
We can select and sort contact list and group icon sizes separately. Even more we can have the latest posts from our contact because there is a facility available called “Whats New”.

yahoo-unveils-its-updated-messenger-90/">Change the Look :
We can customize the Live Messenger’s look with more advanced options.

open-source-update-engine-from-google-runs-on-javascript/">Avoid Right Click :
Instead of using right click we can point out the cursor over a contact to view the all outlook-connector-comes-for-live-accounts-with-new-updates/">quick options.

how-to-receive-mail-alerts-in-gmail-account/">Personalizing Contacts :
We can mute off our contacts selevtively

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