Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Usefult Tips For Windows Vista !

Already we have discussed about how-to-create-custom-views-for-vista-error-logs/">Vista’s hidden features. In such a way we are going to have few more tips for Windows Vista which has been hidden and it will be enhanced-security-option-for-vista-from-nortan-uac-tool/">enabled only when you click on something by holding the Shift Key. It allows you to add a file quickly to quick launch and you can pin it to the Start menu faster and this option works even with Windows XP. how-to-make-system-faster-no-need-to-add-ram/">Click here to Make System Faster

In additional you can use “how-to-hide-the-start-tab-in-taskbar/">Copy as path” option to copy the file location of the document unfortunately it does not work with folders.

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