Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sony Has Unveiled PowerVR SGX chipset To Beat Apple !

Sony has apparently in the new-higher-end-releases-from-acer/">motto to achieve a slice of Apple’s gaming pie-praise of the iPod. It has come out with Power VR SGX chipset as the industry giants bentley-laptop-fits-smart-with-your-expensive-car/">John Carmack and Sega have signed a license agreement. sandisk-launches-sansa-slotmusic-mp3-player/">EETimes unveils some details which are readily how-to-switch-the-mobile-between-3g-connection-and-slower-edge/">available that it is to outfit the PSP2 with SGX55x chipset.

most-advanced-gaming-pc-xps-730-from-dell/">Know The Most Advanced System In The World

Moreover the company has planned to broaden its nec-from-japan-and-elmos-from-germany-team-up-on-microcontrollers/">horizons with its graphics hardware with “Another high-volume consumer remote-hard-disk-control-from-anywhere/">segment”.

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