Friday, November 7, 2008

Windows 7 Multi-Touch Driver Arrives !

Technology is growing much faster than our mobile life to run with it we have to upgrade ourselves regularly and to run with us manufacturers are growing faster along with us. In such a way Microsoft is keen on developing the affordable-surface-computing-from-microsoft-oahu/">multi-touch technology. This technology has been developed by Microsoft to improve and simplify the way users communicate or interact with their computers. It is more direct and natural way to interact and it was demonstrated in May this year and got much positive response from the people. This technology will be further developed by Microsoft with its next announcement of windows-new-operating-system-windows-cloud/">Windows 7.

The input technology has reached the extreme end with multiple simultaneous inputs. One of the leading designers Next Window has introduced a new touch screen driver to enable the touch screen function in Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System. The detail information about multi-touch functionality can be downloaded from Next Window. In order to download the information you have to submit the basic information. It will be a very useful thing to those who want to take full advantage of this multi-touch functionality.

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