Saturday, November 1, 2008

XMP3 Portable Radio Claims The World's Lightest !

The world’s lightest portable XM radio has been unveiled to the market today by Pioneer the name of the device is XMP3 portable radio. We can play our favorite MP3 songs when we feel boring of tuning in to XM radio stations. Moreover we can save our MP3 songs in a microSD card. The other features of this device are auto-record compatibility, a buffer to store the last 30 minutes and

•Record up to 100 hours of XM programming
•Store MP3 or WMA files on a removable microSD card (sold separately)
•Manage your music with the XM2go Music Manager software
•Pause and reply up to 30 minutes of live XM

•Record up to 5 channels at the same time
•Portable Highlights: See what's playing on XM
•Set your favorite XM channels

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