Friday, November 28, 2008

You Can Share Your Pictures Through Transparency Watch !

This is a new type watch which you have never seen because this new equinox-gives-you-the-luxurious-look-with-style/">camera cum watch is the best device you bought ever. Although this mobile costs big yet it has come out with some casio-g-shock-gold-watches/">useful features. This watch can be connected to world-clock-in-status-bar-see-multiple-countries-time-simultaneously/">computer and a distribution list can be selected. You can share the picture which you have taken from the camera attached to the watch and you can share the picture with the distribution list even in the real time. how-to-recover-the-deleted-images-from-digital-camera/">Click to recover the deleted images from Digital Camera

In order to send the messages to others all you just have to do is select the persons and then hidden-transparent-watch-you-cant-identify/">just connect and click.

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