Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YouTube Playlist Is Back !

Playlists are holding an important role in YouTube to find the group related videos which can be played later one after another. Now in YoutTube an option to find the playlist is back.
Whenever you search in YouTube it will give us three popular videos from each playlist and it lets the users restrict the results to certain category like education, Music and Sports. searching-from-youtube-player-is-easy-now/">More about YouTube.

Here creating a playlist is easy and each playlist is public and can be embedded in a private web page. In order to post 3 or more videos you don’t have to add one after one but you can create a playlist and use the code provided by YouTube to add in your webpages. Once you finish this work users just need to click on the “advanced-youtube-search-options/">Play” button only once. [ Thank You ]