Friday, December 26, 2008

All-In-One Multimedia 26 Inch PC LLUON B2 Comes From TG Sambo !

A new type all-in-one multimedia pc has been unveiled by TG Sambo callednet-framework-clean-up-tool-cleans-up-and-removes-any-net-framework/"> LLUON B2. This is available with 26-inch large LCD monitor in Korea market.
This PC has come out with how-know-the-bandwidth-of-net-connection/">Intel Core 2 Quad Processor and it has been equipped with 320GB HDD and an additional graphic card to enjoy high-resolution usb-monitor-looks-smarter-and-makes-your-work-easier/">video contents.

mitsubishi-now-famous-for-lcd-monitors-also/">Click to know Mitsubishi LCD Monitors

Moreover, it is an ultra slim model and it net-framework-clean-up-tool-cleans-up-and-removes-any-net-framework/">adopts e-SATA port, built-in stereo speakers, and a microphone.

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