Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apple Now Comes With Large Screen !

A new iPod Touch device is expected from Apple with a under-water-digital-camera-shoot-even-in-30-meters-depth/">7 to 9 inch touch screen by next year. Apple is in talk with manufacturers in Asia about this massive production. This device seems to be more similar to the tablet than an iPod. AppleInsider published a description of the device discussed in the application, which appears to bring a lot of the iPhone's apple-iphone-video-converter-brings-more-than-you-need/">multitouch functionality to a slate-like tablet computer.

digital-camera-raw-compatibility-23-from-apple/">Click to know the compatibility of Apple with Digital Camera

Moreover earlier this year CEO of Apple victoria-school-to-change-its-logo-for-apple/">Steve Jobs said that Apple was watching small device categories like tablets and Netbooks to see if they are capable to make a mega trend. However, tablet PCs in the Windows world have not sold very well, and the concept has almost completely fallen off the apple-to-post-new-iphone-sdk-agreement/">radar screen of the PC industry. ["> Thank You ]