Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chinese Opera USB Flash Drive Arrives And Shines !

Already in the market a Chinese Opera Face Mask owl-model-usb-flash-drive/">USB Laptop Cooling Pad is available. Today a new type 2 GB USB flash drive is going to hit the market. It looks like a toy which is very attractive and efficient.
Important features of this Flash drive :
•It has a dual face design.
•The storage capacity of this usb-syncer-connecting-usb-drive-to-your-system-is-enough-to-copy-folders-from-pc-to-usb-drive/">drive is 2GB.
•It offers High speed USB 2.0.
•Includes Plug and Play facility.

high-storage-capacity-flash-drive-in-the-world-192-gb/">Click to know about the highest storage capacity flash drive in the world


•It is a hot-swapped capability.
•Mass storage compliant.
•It is supposed to work with Windows terabyte-drive-to-fit-into-your-pockets/">Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS.
•Dimension of this device is 46 x 25 x 14mm (Approximate size).
•The weight of this device is 12G.

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