Monday, December 29, 2008

Creative Releases Very Different Processor "Zii" !

A new type processor has been designed by first-laptop-with-cell-processor/">Creative to join the heavy processor competition. According to the news from the company, this processor is completely different from the X-Fi audio processing chip in Creative’s sound card and MP3 players called Zii. Moreover, it has not been tied to one product instead finding its way into microcontroller-powered-single-button-remote-for-digital-television/">several devices of an unknown type.

intel-reveals-the-atom-dual-core-processor/">Click to know Atom Dual Core Processor

However, we have not yet received any nokia-e-51-mobile-shines-with-18-carat-diamond/">information that where it is going to be used. Although the difference and Creative’s own reference to “watch-movies-comedy-and-drama-in-movieola/">Stemcell Computing” points to the hardware being used in more general computing devices than the company’s more narrow-purposed products.
Another thing about this product is it will work as nec-from-japan-and-elmos-from-germany-team-up-on-microcontrollers/">co-processor instead of using main component. This processor is expected to hit the market earlier next month. [ Thank You ]