Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Energizer Solar Charger Compatible With USB Also !

Solar power technology is becoming more solar-power-mobile-charger-works-even-in-city-buses/">essential in our lives and we can easily predict the growth of solar technology. As the prediction goes on here, we have a new type solar powered Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger.
This is a portable AA and AAA battery charger, which draws liquid from either your typical hefty AC adapter or on-board flip-out worlds-biggest-solar-plant/">solar panel. This is more compatible for your iPods to mobile phones and anything that can be charged via USB.

solar-power-table-gives-you-12v-for-four-hours/">Click to know solar power table with high voltage

Moreover, it brings two future-car-concepts-you-can-fold-the-car-as-you-like/">semi-environmental friendly Energizer batteries. This device is expected to be available from 2009 but the exact date is not yet announced.

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