Monday, December 22, 2008

Features Of Dual Screen Laptop From Lenova !

Lenova is one of the biggest laptop bloomberg-flexible-display/">manufacturers in the world is in the motto to feature a Dual Screen laptop called Thinkpad W700DS. Lenova has decided to give more details about its future model laptops. A new model dual screen laptop with 17 inch primary screen, a 20.6 inch secondary screen, a core 2 hp-comes-with-three-new-model-mini-pcs/">Quad QX9300 processor at the speed of 2.53GHz, 8Gb of memory, 960GB SATA HDD –storage space.

dual-touch-screen-laptop-dtsl/">Do you want to know DUAL TOUCHSCREEN Laptop ?

Moreover you will have a built in worlds-slimmest-laptop-from-dell/">WACOM digitizer and two Display Port video adapters as well as dual-link DVI. The news from Lenova says that most of the users are using two monitors at their desktop so that they have decided to launch bentley-laptop-fits-smart-with-your-expensive-car/">Dual Screen laptops. [ Thank You ]