Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Firefox 3.0.5 Comes With More Fixed Issues Of Firefox 3.0.4 - FreeDownload !

Firefox is one of the most famous google-toolbar-breaks-address-bar-search-of-firefox/">web browsers has released its new version of Firefox 3.0.5. The news from Firefox says that this has fixed all the troubles which are found in its earlier version 3.0.4. Moreover the expectation of this browser also find-the-nearest-thetres-in-seconds/">reached peak.
Some important features of Firefox 3.0.5.
•It has fixed several security issues.
•Fixed several stability issues also.

mozilla-firefox-for-mobile-download-fennec-free/">Click to download the Firefox for your mobile

•Firefox has come out with some official release for vector-based-animation-software-toon-boom-animate/">Bengali, Esperanto, Galician, Hindi and Latvian.
•It has replaced the End-User License Agreement with a new “Know Your Rights” info bar on initial install.
•Whenever you install free-download-google-chrome-browser/">multiple signed XPIs simultaneously then the earlier version of Firefox will be failed.
•Accessibility implementation has come out with fixed issues.
•It has added the ability to send how-to-share-my-albums-with-selected-orkut-friends/">OS specific system notes in the crash reporter.
•If you want to know more about the fixed troubles. Click here.

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