Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fortission Q96500XN DVR-4S PC - Boots In Just 4 Seconds !

Faith Japan has announced a new divided-display-module-pc-ddm-next-generation-pc/">Fortission, a different model PC with a stylish look and more features. It features a Q96500XN DVR-4S, how-to-merge-multiple-sound-files-into-one/">Core 2 Quad Q9650 CPU, a P45TS Intel Motherboard; Memory capacity is 2GB of DDR2, 500 GB SATA II HDD, NVIDIA GeForce with flux-pc-eco-friendly-computing-system/">512MB of VRAM and an Instant boot S3 mode which claims the 4Sec boot time from sleep mode to fully operational OS.

smallest-pc-in-the-world/">Click to know about the smallest PC in the world

In S4 mode faith claims a 20 to 22 sec maintain-your-vehicles-with-motorola-mobile-computer/">boot times. Unfortunately it has been planned to hit the Japanese market only at the system-requirements-for-grand-theft-auto-iv-watch-the-trailer/">price of 990€.  [ Thank You ]