Friday, December 19, 2008

Google Enhances Optimized Search Result For iPhone And Android !

Yesterday modern-usb-microphone-from-samson/">Google Mobile Blog has announced an integration of new search results pages for iPhone and Android. The main reason for optimizing the search result is to give the faster performance and format it to fit in the device’s display. The google-and-android-leak-the-images-of-their-phone/">optimized search results pages will be available in US English for Android and the iPhone and iPod touch devices with firmware 2.x

call-android-now-open-source/">Click to know open source Android

In order to get the expandable maps for business google-targets-to-sell-400k-android-phone-in-100-days/">results Google has added touchscreen display. In additional this optimized search result is friendlier forgoogle-chrome-theme-in-firefox-chromifox/"> iPhone, iPod and G1 users.

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