Thursday, December 18, 2008

HD Video Page Reaches YouTube !

Yesterday YouTube has launched its newnet-video-hunter-play-video-while-downloading-from-youtube/"> landing page to make all the high definition video uploaded to the site. Moreover HD player has been launched a wide screen window along with the new page. You can see the FAQ to clarify your doubts to avoid window boxing images that are surrounded by black bars.
In earlier this month two video sharing sites introduced HD enabled videos sharing by adding an option like “Watch in HD” rather than putting “advanced-youtube-search-options/">Watch in high quality”.

searching-from-youtube-player-is-easy-now/">Click to make your YouTube search easy

Last month the site began expanding the viewable width of all videos appearing on the site and creating an image like that of with a movie theater screen or youtube-playlist-is-back/">high-definition television. Moreover YouTube has decided to introduce three more landing pages dedicated to the popular categories of news, movies and music. Each page will be populated with the most popular content on the site related to that led-coffee-table-even-you-can-play-game-in-it/">category. [ Thank You ]