Monday, December 15, 2008

How To Clear Run History Using Registry And MRU Blaster ?

Everyone knows to use the how-to-shutdown-my-system-using-task-scheduler/">command prompt for some essential purposes.  Major thing to be remembered is whenever you access Run prompt entered commands will be saved in windows as remote-observer-20-controls-other-system-via-internet-free-download/">Run History and as Run MRU (Most Recently Used) list. Most of us don’t like to see the recently type command list in the Run Menu.
Here we have given some ways to clear the run history in lingoes-dictionary-gives-translation-in-multiple-languages-as-we-type/">Windows XP and Windows Vista.

screensaver-can-shutdown-your-system/">Click here to Shutdown your system by screensaver

•Go to the registry by typing REGEDIT in the Run command and click OK.
•Rush to the following path :
unable-to-show-hidden-folders-and-files/">HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\RunMRU\

•Then you can have the various registry key values in the right pane. We have shown some screen shots.
•Finally double click the key how-to-fix-firefoxexe-error-in-firefox-browser/">MRU List and delete everything in the value data box.
•This is smart enough to delete the run history. If the problem persists again open and delete everything except the key named “how-to-disable-the-task-manager/">Default”.

This is another way to clear the all history. Because some of the users are not expert to use the registry sometimes it will latest-version-of-mass-profile-maker-for-orkut-uses-of-multiple-orkut-profiles/">cause troubles. To make them expert MRU Blaster is the final solution to clear the recently opened files list.

•First download the MRU blaster.
•Install MRU blast and run it.
•Click the scan button.

•Then click the “high-speed-pendrive-from-kingston/">Clean Now” button to clear all the run history commands.
•This is the way and you will get the cleared results.
•Exit the MRU blaster.
You can configure MRU Blaster by just clicking the Settings and configure the Scan Options.

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