Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How To Manage Virtual Desktops In Windows XP And Vista ?

If you are using a large number of how-to-translate-multiple-languages-in-desktop/">programs to work on you must have this tool because there is normal space in your desktop. To bring sufficient space in your desktop Virtual desktop is created by duplicating your current default dell-launches-its-hybrid-and-slim-desktops/">desktop and you can manage and run programs like on any default desktops. Windows pager is one of such tools, which allows its users to create Virtual Desktop and gives integration into the panel.

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Some Important Features:
•virtual Desktops, Workspaces for Windows Vista/XP/2000
•integration into the panel
•several dvd-to-ipod-converter-free-download/">patterns
•move windows between the Desktops by drag 'n drop or by using the windows menu
•optional Keyboard Shortcuts for switching the Desktop
•Set a window "sticky": always visible
•"Mini-Windows"  give an overview from each Desktop
•automatic lingoes-dictionary-gives-translation-in-multiple-languages-as-we-type/">Desktop switching if a window from another Desktop is requested
•support for "Flashing-Windows" (notify for new messages in Mirc for example)
•keep a window above all others by selecting "Always on top" from the windows-menu
•drag `n drop between Desktops
•no administrator rights necessary
•nohow-to-merge-multiple-sound-files-into-one/"> installation
•Automatic Window restore even on crash by use of two separate processes. [ Thank You ]