Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Intel And Ericsson Collaborate To Develop Laptop Anti Theft Technology !

Laptop safety is an important thing for every laptop user because today hp-comes-with-three-new-model-mini-pcs/">laptop stealing is becoming more popular. If you miss the laptop your data also will be stolen along with it that is the major problem. To rectify this trouble Intel and Ericsson are in a collaboration to bring a killer technology that makes use of Intel anti theft technology and Ericsson WWAN modules.

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The main feature of this technology is one laptop can be disabled and enabled by a single SMS. If your laptop is stolen, the technology will locate the laptop globally and it will be hp-kicks-apple-by-its-multi-touch-lcd-notebooks/">disabled via SMS. Thus disabled laptop will never boot and third party software will take care of the encryption of data.

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These types of laptop use HSPA and instant-messenger-from-aol-for-mac-users-aim-beta/">GPS technology to keep protected the stolen laptop. Moreover the stolen laptop will be automatically disabled if it will cross the particular range.
The Anti theft technology is triggered in bentley-laptop-fits-smart-with-your-expensive-car/">Intel chips by cellular networks. With this facility one laptop can be protected, prevented from booting, data can be locked and encrypted even more data can deleted also.

In additional using the GPS built inside laptop, the acer-aspire-ultra-portable-notebook-is-priced-28999/">stolen laptop will be traced too. This technology is scheduled to be available from commercially from the beginning of the calendar year 2009. [ Thank You ]
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