Thursday, December 25, 2008

ISR-VT02 iPod Tube Speaker From RockridgeSound !

A new type iPod speaker has been launched by wireless-portable-stereo-speaker-use-this-in-your-bike/">RockridgeSound. The name of the speaker is ISR-VT02, which is a tube type speaker. It has two 12AX7 (ECC83) tubes and provides an output power of 12WX2. scripta-releases-ipod-notebook/">Moreover, it has come out with integrated FM/AM tuner.

an-ipod-speaker-reaches-the-market-groove-neo-by-cygnett/">Click to know another iPod Speaker

RockridgeSound’s ipod-touch-clone/">ISR-VT02 brings the compatibility with most iPod players as well as the iPhone 3G. In additional it gives a stylish look with a memory-improve-master-makes-your-system-faster-free-download/">neat case. [ Thank You ]