Monday, December 22, 2008

Lenova IdeaPad U8 MID Offers Dual Boot System !

Usually Lenova’s lenova-netbooks-thinkpad-goes-out-and-ideapad-comes-in/">IdeaPad U8 MID only allows its own Linux-Based OS and comes with 800MHz processor and 4.8-Inch WVGA touchscreen. Now it supports to work with both Windows XP and Linux as features-of-dual-screen-laptop-from-lenova/">dual boot.

Since the U8 lacks a dual-touch-screen-laptop-dtsl/">hardware keyboard it offers a semi transparent split QWERTY keyboard layers onto each side of display and lets you hold the MID with your fingers and type with your thumbs.
The IdeaPad is unfortunately available only in china at the cost of hp-comes-with-three-new-model-mini-pcs/">$730.

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