Monday, December 1, 2008

Long Expectation Comes To An End - Nikon D3X !

Long anticipated digital-camera-raw-compatibility-23-from-apple/">Nikon D3X has been unveiled today and it is the new flagship digital SLR. This new model camera holds a double sensor density of 24.5 and gives a native motorola-ve66-slider-mobile-feel-like-a-digital-camera/">6048 x 4032 picture. In additional it holds 16bit color processing for further image accuracy improvements over the 14 bit D3.
Continuous shooting frame rate will be slowed down by the increased resolution from nine to five frames per second. This how-to-recover-the-deleted-images-from-digital-camera/">camera holds fast DSLR with shooting readiness coming just 0.12 seconds after a cold start and the shutter releasing in 0.04 seconds. under-water-digital-camera-shoot-even-in-30-meters-depth/">Click Here to know UNDER WATER digital camera

The 51 focusing points, hardware controls, metering and three-inch digital-camera-raw-compatibility-23-from-apple/">920,000-pixel preview LCD translate intact from the original D3, as do other performance traits. We can have this camera from later this month by paying t500-camera-from-sony-connect-it-directly-to-the-tv-screen/">$7,995.

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