Friday, December 5, 2008

Microsoft Releases New Games For Windows LIVE 2.0 !

This week Microsoft has released its new games versions for it free-download-of-windows-live-wave-3-installer/">Windows Live Client. When you compare this with earlier versions it has brought some googles-olympic-logos-designed-like-olympic-games/">additional features. In this version customers don’t have to pay for an spore-the-coolest-game-for-game-lovers-in-mobile/">Xbox Live Gold subscription and the existence of this client outside of any game suggests that Microsoft will do more with it in the future. Still Xbox 360 makes a lot more sense for dedicated gamers.

games-in-ms-excel-refresh-your-mind/">How to play Games in MS Office ?

If you are interested in Games for voice-chat-is-easy-with-xfire-while-playing-games-online/">Windows Live Compatible games then there are eight titles available for you, they are Fallout 3, Gears of War, Halo 2, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Quantum of Solace, Shadowrun, Universe at War and Viva PiƱata and spore-the-coolest-game-for-game-lovers-in-mobile/">Gears and Shadowrun.

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