Sunday, December 14, 2008

Microsoft Releases Seadragon For iPhone Before Windows Mobile !

Research unit from Microsoft called free-download-google-chrome-browser/">Live Labs has released it new mobile version of Seadragon for iPhone before the release of Windows Mobile. how-to-view-the-pagerank-and-alexa-rank-in-google-chrome/">Seadragon is a kind of image browser to the iPhone. With the Seadragon we can browse the large quantities of high resolution images smoothly and quickly with a single click. In additional it provides the facility to explore massive opera-960-gives-you-fastersynchronized-and-more-facilities-free-download/">galaxies and a collection of photographs.

rough-and-tough-mobile-with-no-questions-warranty-works-in-water-too/">Click to know about the ROUGH and TOUGH mobile with no question warranty

These are the some important features of the Seadragon :
•We can view the thousands of mozilla-firefox-for-mobile-download-fennec-free/">images over the air.
•Viewing massive google-steps-up-on-chrome/">Giga-pixel images is very easy.
•We can explore the Photosynth collection in 2D including our own picture.
•Adding our google-chrome-for-mac-and-linux-lovers/">Photo Zoom / Deep Zoom composer content. [ Thank You ]