Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Microsoft X6 Sidewinder Gaming Keyboard Reaches India !

Microsoft has announced its new worlds-thinnest-qwerty-keyboard-mobile-pantech-slate/">Sidewinder series keyboard. The name of the latest keyboard is X6 Sidewinder keyboard. It has come out with a switchable keypad which is a quite flexible and we can attach it in the right or left side of the worlds-thinnest-qwerty-keyboard-mobile-pantech-slate/">keyboard.
The keypad is an ideal thing for productivity as well as gaming. The keypad will work as a Num Keypad and in gaming mode it will work as a first-gaming-mouse-for-mac-gamer-from-razer-deathadder/">Macro Pad. In additional it has a back lit keys and the keyboard’s LED will glow in amber color in gaming mode and in normal mode it will glow in red back – light. This keyboard offers 30 programmable Macro keys which allow around 90 programmable options.

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Moreover we can toggle the keyboard in two photo-frames-from-hp-with-mice-and-keyboard/">different modes and it has a new cool feature to allow gamers to continue a sequence without holding down the keys. This process can be done with up to 4 keys and users can record any sequence of trouser-inbuilt-with-keyboard-and-mouse/">keystrokes as macros. In additional we can share any sequence which we have recorded. It provides a three year warranty and it is available in India. [ Thank You ]