Friday, December 19, 2008

Modern USB Microphone From Samson !

Samson Technologies one of the most machpanel-provisioning-system-brings-more-features/">famous audio companies has recently released its latest USB microphone called GoMic. It can be easily attached to a notebook computer via a built-in mount or it can be placed standalone on its base that allows a range of orientation adjustments. The frequency response of the first-gaming-mouse-for-mac-gamer-from-razer-deathadder/">Mic is 20HZ to 18 kHz with selectable cardoid or omni directional polar recording patterns.

usb-mouse-comes-with-microphone-and-speaker-3-in-1/">Click to know mouse with Speaker and Microphone - 3 in 1

For storage transportation the htwo-bluetooth-headsets-from-motorola-provide-flip-boom-mic/">ead folds into the base when it is not in use. Moreover it is supposed to work in cross-platform and will be available in both black and white colors at the smallest-pc-in-the-world/">price of $50. [ Thank You ]