Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MySpace Sends Videos To Your Mobile !

Good news for MySpace users is arrived that they can use their trutap-is-for-all-your-mobile-needs/">mobile phone to watch the videos. Today News Corp’s online social network will make video clips from its member’s pages and they can be available in the mobile for t-mobile-gets-moto-zine-zn5-camera-phone/">viewing videos including BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro, Motorola Q9, LG Voyager, Nokia N95 and Samsung Instinct. Members can watch the videos in their own homepages as well as friend’s pages.

googles-future-implementation-for-environmental-protection/">Know the future Environmental protection of Google

Moreover they will be able to view the videos which are made google-groups-expands-its-forum-search/">professionally from TMZ. The free service will be supported by advertising. bombproof-bins-displays-news-and-absorbs-the-heat-of-explosives/">MySpace and many other companies are trying to exploit the small but growing mobile advertising market. bombproof-bins-displays-news-and-absorbs-the-heat-of-explosives/">RipCode also will allow MySpace users to stop having to save their video clips in different formats, something that it said would save hardware, energy and storage resources. [ Thank You ]