Saturday, December 13, 2008

Neo Launches World's Smallest Mobile !

Many mobile companies are offering so many how-to-view-the-saved-passwords-in-firefox/">facilities for the people but none of them are deserved to get applause latest-upcoming-mobiles-in-september-2008/">like Neo. It has not made the mobile just like mobile but the mobile moreover it seems to be motorola-em30-em28-em25-rockr-series-mobile-phones/">something different and offers the facilities which are not available in some other mobiles.
Although Neo is not a famous company it holds the so many features and claims the smallest mobile in the world. The name of the mobile is 808i and includes the features like 1.3 mega pixel camera, music player and FM radio.

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In additional it has brought the features like myspace-sends-videos-to-your-mobile/">Bluetooth and lets the users to share the files with other mobiles and laptops. The length of the mobile is 72mm and the width of the mobile is 41mm it is so compact to keep inside the palm. It has come out with default first-laptop-with-cell-processor/">storage capacity of 128MB and it can be expanded to 4GB and it is supports GPRS too. [ Thank You ]