Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Wall Mounted Hi-Fi System Reaches Market From iLuv !

As we have discussed earlier a new type Wall-Mounted roth-lifts-ipod-to-newer-level-of-experience/">Hi-Fi System has been unveiled by iLuv which brings more features. Moreover it provides a spot for our CDs, Radio, iPhone and iPod to come together in and for musical harmony. This smart looking Hi-Fi System has an SD card slot and an toshiba-sets-a-record-with-512gb-ssd/">USB port.

eco-mediaplayer-works-without-batteries/">Click to know about Eco-Media Player which works without batteries

The other important features of this device are it has an-audio-system-from-kenwood-sz3md/">timer features, 32 Radio presets and programmable memory for 40 audio tracks. This system only cranks 2.1 channel audio and it has won a CES 2009 Innovation Design and engineering nokia-launches-new-mobile-3610-fold/">Award Honoree. This device will be available very soon in the market.

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