Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nimbuzz Instant Messenger For Windows Mobile !

There are so many IM and Voice over IP programs is available. In such a way google-groups-expands-its-forum-search/">Nimbuzz is a new IM joins the list. An early release for Nimbuzz has been launched for Windows Mobile Smartphone.
It brings all the features like how-to-convert-jpeg-files-into-pdf/">free calling, chatting with your guys on MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Google talk, ICQ and more. This has been tested both the Smartphone, Touchscreen and many devices versions of Windows Mobile and encountered google-adsense-to-fuel-up-the-growth-of-online-gamings/">many bugs.

instant-messenger-from-aol-for-mac-users-aim-beta/">Do you want to know more INSTANT MESSENGER ?

You can download smartphone version voice-chat-is-easy-with-xfire-while-playing-games-online/">and try it out. In order to download the version you must have to enter the brand of your windows mobile. According to the news from Nimbuzz they are waiting for your how-to-send-sms-via-gmail/">feedback. You can use this version and provide your feedback here.

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