Monday, December 29, 2008

Nokia E-51 Mobile Shines With 18-Carat Diamond !

As you know, Nokia E-51 is one of the famous and nokia-launches-new-mobile-3610-fold/">stylish handset models in the world. The unknown thing about this mobile is it has come out with some additional qualities. This model mobile brings diamonds as attached on the mobile case. The designer of this mobile is Peter Aloisson has given the novelty treatment to the motorola-em30-em28-em25-rockr-series-mobile-phones/">Nokia E-51. The two models of mobile are “Blossoms of yellow Eight” and the “Terezzo”.

nokia-8800-gold-arte-comes-with-18-carat-gold-plating/">Know another Rich Mobiles

The first model holds solid 18-carat yellow gold and it has been engraved with a design of lotus bottom and the cute and pantech-prism-phone-multiple-functions-with-sleek-design/">lucky number “8”. The cost of this mobile is $28,000. Second model of this mobile is made up of solid 18-carat yellow gold and it has been covered with a variety of individual hand cut citrines, amethysts, andcall-android-now-open-source/"> tourmalines. You can have this mobile paying $47,000.


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