Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nokia Reveals Its N97 Series Mobile !

Nokia has put an end for much awaited ultra-slim-mobile-from-nokia-e71/">N-Series mobile Nokia N97 to compete with the iPhone with its touch screen and a full nokia-n85-exclusive-unboxing-video/">QWERTY keyboard. This is hitting the market as followed by the first touchscreen mobile N96 mobile. Nokia has unveiled that complete-entertainment-with-nokia-6260-slider-phone/">Nokia N97 is the most advance mobile computer in the world to fulfill the Internet needs of the consumers.

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Important features of Nokia N97 :
Nokia becomes the biggest rival for iPhone neck to neck with its features and advanced functionality.
•The size of the worlds-thinnest-qwerty-keyboard-mobile-pantech-slate/">touchscreen display is 3.5 inch.
•Screen resolution is 360 x 640.
•The keyboard type is QWERTY.
•The internal complete-entertainment-with-nokia-6260-slider-phone/">storage capacity of the mobile is 32GB.

•Camera comes with Zeiss lens of 5 mega-pixels.
•Offers a GPS facility with Nokia Maps 3.0 app.
•It can support the microSD card up to 16GB external memory.
•Supports Infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
•It has an accelerometer and proximity sensor.
This mobile will be available in the European and Asian market in second quarter of 2009 at the price of $700.

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