Friday, December 19, 2008

Now It Is Easy To Voice And Video Chat In Mac Messenger !

A week ago we have described about new-updates-in-windows-live-messenger-2009/">Microsoft that it has launched MS office for Mac users. Today great news is waiting for the Mac users that are Mac Mojo which looks like Windows Live Messenger and it is the latest talk. The one of the most important updates is AV support for the personal client which means users will be able to participate in cross platform audio and video chat using the personal version of Microsoft nimbuzz-instant-messenger-for-windows-mobile/">Messenger for Mac.

how-to-sync-our-yahoo-messenger-and-twitter-updates/">Click to Sync Your Yahoo Messenger With Twitter Updates

Moreover it will work on how-to-convert-power-point-presentation-into-video/">additional features. It is planned to develop new implementation at Macworld in January at the MacBu booth. This messenger is expected for yahoo-again-proofs-its-efficiency-inquisitor-gives-enhanced-browser-search/">Mac with AV support earlier next year.


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