Friday, December 5, 2008

OnBoard Portable Travel keyboard From Atek !

A new type worlds-thinnest-qwerty-keyboard-mobile-pantech-slate/">keyboard has been unveiled by Atek. It is an OnBoard Travel Keyboard which is having 99 keys with numeric functions. This keyboard has come out with some water-proof-glass-keyboard-soak-it-in-water/">additional features which are not available in other keyboard. One of the features is it holds a optimus-maximus-futuristic-keyboard-built-in-with-113-tiny-screens/">sliding cover to protect the keyboard.

trouser-inbuilt-with-keyboard-and-mouse/">Know about Keyboard in pant

As it is an wireless-touchpad-keyboard-feel-like-a-laptop/">ultra portable type keyboard it weighs just 1.4 pounds. Unfortunately this keyboard misses Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause Break, Right Side Ctrl and Windows Key. You can have this keyboard at photo-frames-from-hp-with-mice-and-keyboard/">just $30.

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