Monday, December 8, 2008

Owl Model USB Flash Drive !

Already we have discussed about so many models of google-usb-flash-drive-put-google-inside-your-pocket/">USB drives. Even more yesterday we have written about terabyte-drive-to-fit-into-your-pockets/">Google logo USB drives. Now it is time to disclose a new type USB drive which looks like an Owl. It seems to be different which brings a touch-screen-photo-storage-device/">different feel to the users.

usb-syncer-connecting-usb-drive-to-your-system-is-enough-to-copy-folders-from-pc-to-usb-drive/">Click to copy your files to your Flash Drive directly

Some important features of this USB :
•This drive is made up of a Metal Housing with Crystal.
•Provides a high-speed-pendrive-from-kingston/">retractable USB connector.
•Comes with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified.
•Plug and Play model with hp-comes-with-three-new-model-mini-pcs/">Hot-Swapped capability.
•It is a mass storage device class compatible.
•It is supposed to work with how-to-install-ubuntu-810-in-your-system/">Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac.
• The size of this USB is 47 x 30 x 15mm.
•The weight of this USB is 38G.
•The storage capacity of this device is 2GB.


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